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Pool Heat Pumps

* HEAT YOUR POOL FROM AS LITTLE AS $1 PER DAY Or combine with your solar PV & pool blanket and potentially pay nothing!

EvoHeat Pool & Spa Pumps

Want a reliable and energy efficient pool heater that heats your pool all year round but won’t burn a hole in your pocket? EVO heat pumps are up to 6 times more energy efficient than other pool and spa heating, translating to exceptionally large long-term savings!

We can supply you with a no obligation pool heating report that includes your estimated running costs and pool heating information.

EVO Fusion Heat Pump

The ideal choice for recreational pool & spa owners looking to extend their swim season with minimal running costs. 

EVO Force Heat Pump

Our highest performance pool and spa inverter heat pump that provides year round pool heating with the lowest running costs.

Advanced EVO DHP-R

Enjoy your pool at any time of the year, with the most powerful domestic pool heater on the market.

J-Box Automated Pump Interface

A handy add-on that allows the heat pump to turn the main water pump on outside of filtration times – saving time, energy and money!

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With one of the highest Coefficiency Of Performance (C.O.P.) ratings available worldwide, EVO pool and spa heat pumps are up to 6 times more energy-efficient than other technologies in the market.

The graph shows you how EvoHeat stacks up against other traditional pool and spa heating methods. The results indisputably show that EvoHeat excels at providing real value for money, while also not abusing the environment.


High Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P)

Having one of the highest Coefficient Of Performance (C.O.P.) ratings available worldwide, these heat pumps are up to 657% more energy-efficient than other technologies currently on the market.

Compatible with Solar PV Systems

EVO heat pumps can be used in conjunction with other third-party products such as solar PV panels, making our heat pumps even more energy efficient, smarter and the more reliable alternative to solar thermal pool heating.

Heating and Cooling

Our heat pumps are equipped to automatically heat or cool your pool water based on your set temperature – so you can be sure your pool is always at your desired temperature!

Automatic Defrosting

The automatic defrost technology provides intelligent auto defrosting and allows the heat pump to work in ambient air temperatures as low as -7°C.

Low Noise Fan Blades

Our low noise fan blades ensure minimal operating noise which is ideal for you and your neighbours!

Titanium Heat Exchanger

The titanium thread heat exchanger ensures maximum heat transfer with the ultimate corrosion resistance, improving the heat transfer efficiency by up to 30% compared to standard heat exchangers!

Eco Friendly Refrigerant

EVO heat pumps use eco-friendly, safe, non ozone depleting R410A refrigerant.

Latest Corrosion Protection

The bluetec hydrophilic coating on the condenser fins is the latest technology in corrosion protection allowing your heat pump to maintain its high efficiency for many years to come.

Electronic Expansion Valve 2 Technology

Electronic Expansion Valve 2 Technology is the absolute latest and the best possible refrigeration control system available on the market today. This results in a higher C.O.P. and improved efficiency of up to 20% compared to other commercial heater brands. (not available on the Fusion series).

Smartphone App

The EvoHeat app is available free to download for your iOS or Android device. Now you can control your pool heater from anywhere in the world. Ready, warm and waiting for your arrival. Doesn’t that sound hot?

It also allows EvoHeat to provide better backup and support for client’s. Upon customer request, EvoHeat can login remotely to the heat pump and access its control system for diagnostics and fine tuning.


A heat pump is a different way to use renewable energy to heat or cool your pool or spa water. Our heat pumps use R410A or R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant that extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers the heat into the pool water through a series of processes.

For every 1kW of electricity used, up to 6kW of heating is produced using an EVO heat pump. Compare this to gas or electric element heating and you will quickly see an EVO heat pump is by far the most energy efficient solution.

Our exclusive EVO heat pumps are the most energy efficient year-round heating system available on the market today and they produce far more energy than they consume!

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