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Farmers Doing It Tough!

We have been talking about how tough our farmers are doing it, first they are battling drought and next they are battling fires…It is devastating!

We wanted to do something to help someone.

This week we made the decision to visit St Albans “The Common” this place is special to us and is also important to many farmers in the area that use this common land for their live stock. So we decided to donate some feed.

The St Albans community have been dealing with fires since early-mid November. The Fire Fighters have done an amazing job here doing multiple back burns to help contain the many fires around the area and even thought to leave a small area in the St Albans Common for the 100+ live stock on the common as well as any wildlife needing to find refuge.

Unfortunately around New Years the fires spotted into this area leaving little feed in the already drought stricken pastures.

When we arrived we were surprised at how hot the smoldering areas still were and how scared and skittish some of the cattle were from these fires. They have been lucky, not to lose any live stock

Seeing things like this makes you appreciate everything so much more. There are so many people out there needing help. Sometimes the smallest gestures go a long way!