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The Hydrotherm brand has always prioritised selling high-quality products in limited quantities through our Partner Service Providers. This has allowed us to guarantee that every system is installed to the highest possible standard and ensures that we are able to confidently offer a 6-year labour warranty.

We have now started developing a new top-of-the-line model for Hydrotherm. This model will cater to customers with high hot water consumption who require a heat pump that can integrate with home energy management systems (HEMS). The new product will have increased storage capacity and new controllers. It will also allow simultaneous operation of the element and the heat pump during boost scenarios.

Over the past two years, our retail partners have been emphasising the need for a complementary system to the RAPID/X6, but with a larger tank volume, to meet all their customer segments. Up until now, we have accommodated these trends by offering the Hydrotherm DYNAMIC/X8 to resellers outside of our Service Provider network.

However, after internal reviews, we have determined that the current brand configuration does not serve the Hydrotherm brand or the DYNAMIC/X8 model. As the DYNAMIC/X8 shared all the same core components as our RAPID/X6 model, it made more sense to move this model to our Aquatech brand, which is better aligned with the market segment to which it is currently sold.

From April 2024 The DYNAMIC/X8 will be exclusively under our Aquatech brand. The new system retains all core specifications of the previous Hydrotherm version with minor changes to align with our other Aquatech models.

UPDATED ANALOGUE CONTROLLER: This controller is more durable than the touchscreen interface used by the current Hydrotherm-branded system and will allow WiFi integration compatibility with the AQUA-NET App launching later this year.

EXTERIOR COLOUR SCHEME: The new colour scheme matches the current RAPID/X6, so all exterior components can be swapped between the two models for easier servicing and maintenance.

WARRANTY TERMS: The DYNAMIC/X8 will now fall under the Aquatech Warranty Terms and Conditions and has also been added to our extended warranty promotion, which was previously only available to RAPID/X6 owners.This allows owners the opportunity to extend their warranty to 7 Years for all Parts.

We have significantly streamlined our order and manufacturing process by migrating the DYNAMIC/X8 to the Aquatech brand. Core components, including the exterior casing, controller interface, and electronic boards, will now be shared across two models. The result is a more sustainable stock supply and reduced costs.

These cost reductions are being passed on to our partners and your customers. Compared to the current Hydrotherm Version, the new Recommended Retail Price has been reduced by over $250 to $2795.00.