Closed-Coupled Solar Hot Water Systems

Closed coupled systems have both the solar collector panels and the storage tank together located on the roof.

The tank is mounted above the solar panels and the water heated in the panels rises by the natural thermosiphon principal and is stored in the tank.


Some solar collectors have water running through them and others have gycol, which heats up in the same principal and goes into a heat transfer unit in the tank to heat the water.

Closed Coupled systems are ideal if you are upgrading from a gravity fed hot water system that is in your roof as little plumbing is required to install the new system.

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Green Fact:  By installing a solar hot water system, not only are you using the suns rays to heat your hot water therefore saving money on your energy bills but you are also reducing your carbon emissions, by switching to solar the average Australian household can save the same amount of carbon emissions as those produced by a small car.