Benefits of Solar Hot Water

Using the sun’s energy to heat water will save you energy, lower your hot water bills and reduce greenhouse pollution.

Water heating is the biggest energy cost in most NSW homes.  By switching from an electric to a climate-friendly hot water system you could save up to three tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from your home each year and greatly reduce your energy bills.

Solar hot water systems use the sun’s energy to heat water in much the same way as water in a hose left on the lawn gets on a sunny day. A “booster” heater is also included in the system to boost water temperature on days when the solar energy may be insufficient to meet your hot water requirements, boosters may be run on off peak electricity, or gas (natural or LPG).

The storage tank is usually fitted with an electric, gas or solid fuel booster that heats the water when sunlight is insufficient. Some solar water heaters also have frost protection to prevent damage in frost prone areas.

The average household uses their water heater many times, every day. For this reason it is important you select the most effective and energy efficient hot water system for your needs. You can be sure that we will supply and install a product that truly fit your needs. See our range of solar hot water systems including evacuated tubes, split systems, and closed coupled systems.